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Use Pocket to Save Your Research to One Place

Use Pocket to Save Your Article Research to One Place.

We as content creators are constantly researching our next article, blog post. I’m going to quickly talk about why I prefer to use Pocket to save my article research to one place over bookmarking.

I personally find bookmarking in my browser a little messy. Any article or content I bookmark will still contain the ads and links associated with that page.

Here is a quick video showing how to sign up and save your first article.

What is so good about Pocket ?

  1. Its just so easy to use.
  2. The saved articles are stripped of the rubbish on the page you saved it from.

Here is an example

This is a screenshot of the page from a search of call of duty game play.


And now here is what it saves into your list.

Its so clear which is preferable.

3. It allows you to group related articles together.

4. It will recommend articles to you based upon the articles you have saved into your list. This enhances your research as you only need to go into your app to continue with your research.

5. It gives you the ability to listen to your articles. That’s right pocket will read to you.

6. It allows you to Link your mobile media devices. This enables you to access and use pocket on the go. You can even read your saved articles offline. use on iPhone, android and kindle to name a few.

Just a few examples given of why I like this App.


So how much is it ?

Its free to use and it is perfectly adequate as a free version.

You can upgrade to premium if you want. That will cost you $4.99 a month or $49 a year.

What do you get extra for premium ?


Personal backup of all the articles and webpages you’ve saved

Suggested Tags for quick organization

Search by Full-Text, Tag, Author, or Topic

Access to Advanced Search Operators

Sort Search Results by Relevance or Date Saved

Like I said the free version is good enough.

I hope you liked this little look at Pocket.

I personally love the app, let me know your thoughts on it by commenting below.

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