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How to Make Money from a Website

The aim of this page is not to overwhelm you, rather, to give the basic tools and a step by step guide on how to make money from a website.

You will be able to learn more by reading my blog and my reviews as well as joining Wealthy Affiliate( for free to start lessons)​

Here I am going to show you the basic tools you need to start earning money from your Blog/Website.​

All you need to do is follow the steps that I will show you in this Simple Guide.

See the easy steps to the right.​

​I suggest you bookmark this page so you can come back and read anytime.

  • Choose a Niche that has products or services you can promote to your customers.
  • Build a website  that your visitor can access information and products from.
  • Keyword Research for your blog
  • Learn Basic SEO so you can add Valuable content
  • Create Valuable Content to engage your readers
    • Drive Traffic to your Website to build a list of followers
  • Ways To Monetize Your Blog

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You've Decided to Make Money Online With a Blog ... Firstly ask Yourself Have You Got The Correct Mindset?

​Blogging is not a get rich quick method of earning onlineIt will require dedication from you!!

You are not going to become an overnight success with Blog marketing. There is some work required before you should even think about the monetary rewards that will come.

You are going to be writing content and seeing some of that content unable to rank in search engines. This is inevitable, you will, however, have much success if you follow the guidelines and put the effort in.

The goal is to get as many eyes on your content. Eyes that are willing to invest in the products you are promoting. To enable this they must trust you and believe your words. You must be transparent and Honest. 

How to start with affiliate marketing for beginners.

What is a Blog and Can you Make Money Online From a Website?

A while ago people used to keep web logs. Web logs were basically diaries or journals. The words Web Log evolved into Blog and now it is a very popular platform to show your expertise in a certain niche. It allows you to build a large audience to which you can promote products and services.

blogging brings traffic to your offers

​Blogging is an ideal way to keep your readers in the loop, let them know about new developments in your niche, and provide advice. The more a reader visits your blog, the more likely they are to part with their money on your products. You can make use of video, use images and podcasts. It could be a mix of all three. You will find your comfort zone as you go.


Blogging allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Your readers are able to post comments and ask you questions.This interaction is where the reader begins to get to know you. When they can identify with you they will trust you. When this happens they are more likely to buy from you.

make money

Your Blog is the Headquarters of your making money online campaign. From your blog you will be able to utilize various methods to monetize.You could have advertising like Google adsense.You could promote your own products or services. I promote other peoples products for a commission. This is called Affiliate Marketing.

Do you have the patience and the willingness to work towards a goal that, if done correctly provide you with a passive income?

Knowledge + Hard Work + Willingness to Learn from Failure = Success!!!

How to Begin With Your Blog?

Now  you have an idea about what blogging is and its potential to make money online. I am going to take you through Five steps to get up and running and start Earning.

In each of the steps I will recommend Tools and resources for you to use. Each is either free or will have a trial period for you to get the feel of the product. All the resources are essential to your blogging so please make sure you follow all the steps.

Step One : Choose a Profitable Niche

What Is a Niche?

A niche is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market niche defines the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs

Ref – Wikipedia

Basically, any subject that has an audience is a niche.

A Targeted narrowed niche is a small market that does not have a lot of competition. It would be like “carp fishing” within the niche of angling.

choose a profitable niche

Choosing the Right Niche

Choosing the right niche is of paramount importance. It could mean the difference between earning lots of income to making nothing. The Ideal Niche would be one that you actually know a lot about and have a passion for.

This will make it much easier when you are creating content for your readers. Apart from that try to take into account the following when choosing your niche

  • A niche that is not too broad.
  • A niche that people are actively searching for online.
  • A niche with little competition in the search engines.
  • Research your niche.
  • Look at other websites for ideas.
  • Use Jaaxy keyword tool to research how popular a niche is and determine whether or not you will make any money from it.​

Step Two : Build a Wordpress Website

Your website is going to be the hub of your affiliate marketing business. Here is where you will have the content to attract your readers and where you will establish a relationship with them.

They need to trust that you are indeed an authority within your chosen Niche. By establishing trust you are more likely to encourage the readers to follow the affiliate links within your content.

Should they buy from that link, Bingo! Commission for you !!


Where To Go For Your Website?

Setting up a website is very easy and there are many places that you can get set up for free. I started out with a free hosted niche website from Wealthy Affiliate before moving on to my own domain. You can get a domain name from many companies Wealthy Affiliate, Godaddy etc.

I choose Wealthy Affiliate simply because I am a member of the WA community, as well as the reasonable costs. I would suggest you go to Wealthy Affiliate for your Domain and Websites.

​Below is a video I prepared to show you how easy it is to set up a WordPress website.

Step Three : Keyword Research For Blog Content

Keyword research is a practice that you will learn to use to find and research actual search terms that people enter into search engines.

I use a Keyword tool called Jaaxy but there are many free versions too such as Googles KeywordPlanner.

The idea is to think of terms that your reader would type to find information and then to match your article to these terms.Of course, the keyword must match the content.

How to start with affiliate marketing for beginners

When using the keyword tool you should look for how many people are searching that term and how much competition there is for the keyword.

Below is an image showing the keywords for this article. “How to start with affiliate marketing”


As you can see there is a fair bit of competition for this keyword,however,there are lots of searches and with good SEO and a few good comments I should be abe to eventually ranks for this keyword.

The Keyword phrase should make sense. If you see above I could have chosen How To Start With Affiliate Marketing for Beginners and had virtually no competition but also had no traffic. It’s a balancing act and you should take your time to choose the best you can.

We've added a "Read More" button to each of these sections. For software products, there's a great opportunity to link each of these buttons to a video that demos the feature you describe in the section.

Step Four: Basic SEO

Get an understanding of Search Engine Optimization.

How to start with affiliate marketing for beginners

So you have your niche now and a website. Before you write your first content I want you to know about Search Engine Optimization SEO.

You are writing content to be seen by your readers, and the readers will be actively “Searching for Content” to help them.

They will be typing into Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc the words they are looking for.

These are Keywords and they are vital to your success at attracting readers to your website.

The aim of SEO for you is to get your content on page 1 of Google or Bing etc. Preferably in the top 5 of page 1 as these will attract 67% of the clicks by your readers.

So How Do You Get to These Page Ranks?

Know what the Search Engines are looking for to award high ranking positions. The search engines are all about giving the user/reader the best experience.

They want to show the best content they can. Don’t forget the Search Engines are a business and with that in mind think of them as a client enlisting your services to entertain and inform their customers.

They want to show the best content they can. Don’t forget the Search Engines are a business and with that in mind think of them as a client enlisting your services to entertain and inform their customers.

Below are examples of the criteria needed to satisfy the Search Engines that your content deserves Page 1 ranking.

  • Is your content relevant ?

Does the content provide the reader with the answers to the search terms they seek?

  • Is your content good quality?

In the past, Webmasters would stuff their content with keywords and tags, in an attempt to trick the Search engines that their content was relevant. This just led to crappy content and that’s not good for business.

Now though there are algorithms the search engines use to determine whether the content is quality. These are complicated and I doubt anybody apart from them truly know how they work. The important thing though is that your content is quality. Write as if you are talking to the reader, write in terms they will understand, give them

The important thing though is that your content is quality. Write as if you are talking to the reader, write in terms they will understand, give them as much valuable information you can to satisfy the reason they came to your site in the first place.

Yes, Keywords are important but not as important as the content itself.

  • Is your site optimized for your readers experience?

Here you need to think about the layout of your site. Are internal links from page to page relevant? Is your site easy to navigate? Do your pages and videos load quickly? Is your site not stuffed with ads that distract? Is your site compatible with mobile devices?

  • Meta description

Having a meta description won’t necessarily improve your ranking on the SERP, but if used correctly it could be the difference to a user clicking on your article rather than another. Below is an example from this post.

I use a plugin for WordPress called Yoast which helps with Seo.

on page seo
  • Comments

Enable your comments on your post. Good comments are excellent for adding value to your post, after all, its, even more content for the readers and also a great way for your to engage. Now then it is vital that the search engines see that you are engaging so answer all comments promptly.

So there you have a few ideas of what Search engine optimization is about. There are many more than listed but that would be an entire article.

Now though we will move on to the next step.

Step Five : Create Valuable Blog Content

Ok so you now have your website, a niche, an understanding of SEO and Keyword search, now you need content.

I recommend that your start with cornerstone content that you can expand on later for promoting products.

For instance, if your Niche was Internet Marketing, start with basic “How To Start With Affiliate Marketing for Beginners” etc.

Use these first pieces of content to establish a general theme for your site.

​There are many types of content and you should aim to use as many of the following as possible to keep your blog interesting and varied.

  • ​How to, Articles. Give your readers a solution to a problem.
  • Lists. Exploit the readers desire to get quick easy to understand answers.
  • Video. As you are aware many people prefer video tutorials over written.
  • Reviews. As most people wanting to purchase a product will require third party reviews. A great method for affiliate marketing!!
  • Guest Posts. Get another to write a guest post, perfect if you can find a great writer.
  • Use Infographics A good visual is a great way to keep a reader on your page

Don’t forget the Seo principles and create the best content you can. Don’t worry if it doesn’t rank straight away. In time you will become more confident and start producing much better quality content.

Step Six : Drive Traffic to Your Website

Now you have your Blog set up and have quality content added to it.

Your next step is to get eyes on your content.

Here are three of the methods I use to drive traffic to my site. There are a great many more methods and you can learn these in the future.

1. Search Engines and Search Engine Optimization

You want to create your posts with SEO in mind for this method. The idea with this method is to get your post on the top pages of the Search Engines.. 

The searcher types in his query and if the keyword research and SEO of your page and website is up to scratch then they should land on your post.​

Take a look at ON PAGE SEO using the Yoast plugin. Dont forget to use The Jaaxy tool to research your Keywords.​

Off-Page SEO

SEO Checklist.​

    • Keyword in the first 100 words
    • Keyword in an h2 or h3 tag
    • Keyword several times throughout your post
    • Keyword in the last several words
    • Keyword in the front/beginning of your title
    • Use 2 or 3 LSI keywords
    • Add 1 or 2 modifiers in title tag
    • Add 2 - 4 internal links per 1000 words
    • Add 2 - 4 external (outbound) links per 1000 words
    • Optimize URLs/permalinks
    • Optimize all your images before publishing
    • Write at least 1000 words
    • 2000+ words for competitive keywords

2. Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Pinterest, Google + Twitter, LinkedIn and other such social media sites are great sources of traffic if you use them correctly.

Nowadays most of these platforms give you the ability of branding yourself. Simply publishing your posts onto these platforms with a link to your site will bring you the eyes your content needs.

Making youtube videos is another great way of attracting readers to come to your site. Do not ignore social media and video sites when trying to drive traffic to your blog.

I use an autoposter to help me with my total media marketing it posts to my social platorms on autopilot. 



3. Email Marketing

Ever thought why you are constamtly asked to give your email address to get a rep[ort or a free video tutorial?

The reason is that the person asking for your email is building a list. A list that will be used to market to in the future.

A vital step for you is to start building your own list. Just like my blog you will need an opt in form.

Why Email Marketing is Important.

  • improves communication with your readers which in turn will help you boost sales.
  • Allows you to maintain continous communication with your customers allowing you to offer future products.
  • Helps convey your authority in your niche
  • Enables you to be personal with your readers. This helps build trust.

I use GetResponse for my Email Marketing and List Building.

Step Seven: Ways To Monetize Your Blog.

So you now have your website, a niche, the baics SEO and Keyword search as well as quality content. Now you need to Monetize your blog.

How much traffic you get to your blog will determine which methods will work best.

Below i will list the ways you can start to make money online with your website. Click each toggle button to read more.

Affiliate Marketing

Selling Direct Advertising Space

Paid Memberships

Google Adsense

Sell Your Own Products.

Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials

Angela's Testimonial of Wealthy Affiliate

Angela's Testimonial of Wealthy Affiliate

Out of about 20 to 25 different work from home programs I have tried and flopped, I was out patience and money to no avail. In doing some intensive research, in May 2016, I came across Wealthy Affiliate program. Of course, I was very skeptical about this too, but what I notice in doing some research this program was totally different from the others, this is why:

• It is free to sign up

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• It is very community oriented. You have countless of a person who cares about your success and keeping you motivated. The atmosphere is so welcoming.

• There are so many different ways to get information that you need from asking a forum, asking someone directly, live videos, and much more.

I've been a premium member since May 2016 and have two websites up and going. I'M STOKED!


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I started this training as a total technophobe, I really wanted to learn how to become an affiliate marketer but did not have any confidence when it came to building websites, collecting affiliate links, and the rest. Yes, I am still learning, do we ever stop?

I have got to say that I am really enjoying the training, and there are not many jobs I can say that about.:-))  Steph


So there you have my seven steps on how to make money from a website

Tips to remember.

Create the best content you can, give your reader the best experience you can, and blog regularly to build your sites authority.

I have one final tip.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for Free.

Here you will learn much more in depth lessons on affiliate marketing. You will have access to 2 free websites, ten free lessons on getting up and running, access to an amazing community of affiliate marketers who are always on hand to answer your questions and give quality advice. Plus you lucky people, you might even see me in the chat rooms.

You can have a look for free by following this link. Tims Wealthy Affiliate Home Page.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I invite you to please leave your comments and questions below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



Hi Tim

Never been really familiar with blogging, until I joined WA and have now read your article which has now given me even more insight into the correct way of blogging, so thank you very much for the information.

I also found your site easy to read, very informative and easy to navigate, so congrats on the layout of your website.

Anyone reading this comment, join WA, you won't regret it. Best decision I ever made!!!



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