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Introduction to Getpaid.Social


Getpaid.Social is a great new online community that has recently launched which will allow you to make money by performing various easy to do online tasks!

Guess what the best bit is ?…


You don’t have to spend a penny to join Get paid,Social.

You can simply sign up with your email or Facebook account and follow a simple set up of a FB app and you are ready to start earning your rewards!
Ok, give this a little thought.

What if you got paid a few cents to even a few dollars for doing simple
online tasks like…

  • Joining an email list.
  • Liking a Facebook fan page.
  • Sharing a Facebook post.
  • Liking a Facebook post.
  • Visiting a website.
  • Providing feedback about a website or a video.
  • Providing feedback about a logo.
  • Answering a few short questions.

(And more)

Well now you can!

Take a look at this quick video to see how

Lots of our members are existing online marketers and are willing to pay you and other members of our community to promote their existing business by completing simple little online tasks and it will cost you NOTHING to join the community and get paid!

Here’s the best part…

Not only will you get paid when you complete these tasks,
but you can ALSO get paid when OTHERS you invite into
the community complete these tasks AND if they create a task listing.

I think this concept is genius and I hope you take it seriously because
this is an incredible chance for ANYONE to make money, WITHOUT
having to recruit other people, sell a product or anything of the kind!

You can invite others if you want, to create a nice, passive income
for yourself and your family but it’s NOT required!

Right now, is fairly new and building the membership and gaining interest and as more join then the tasks will increase and your earning potential with it.

Some are making real money already with this some greater than $4000 dollars in a couple of months.

Join for free and see the stats for yourself.

So go here right now:

Click here 
Simply enter your email on that page to be kept in the loop.
You will receive updates from the company during pre-launch
as well as to be notified when the system is LIVE!

I’m so excited about this and hope you are too!

Have a great day,


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