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GetResponse add Web Form Improvements

GetResponse add Web Form Improvements

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GetResponse are planning new improved web forms this summer to enhance an already superb product.

They are planning these improvements :

• 500+ form templates to match your site goals

At the moment they only have 225

• Exit pop-ups, scroll boxes, and more – at no extra cost

This will be perfect ! 

When thinking about maximizing your traffic sign ups, an exit popup is a great way to start

• Web form categories and formats suited to your needs.

Easier to create your web form to suit the theme of your website.

• Advanced Web Form Wizard.

Let the wizard take the hassle out of your hands and create an awesome form for you. 

• Colour Schemes to match your website colours.

Fabulous update ensuring your website looks the business.

• Plain HTML editor

This will bring them into line with Aweber giving you design freedom and will be another welcome addition.



Why is a sign up form important ?

I needed a better web form… which is why I searched and stumbled upon the all-new GetResponse Form Builder

If you don’t know GetResponse, it’s one of the largest, fully-fledged email marketing services for small businesses, like you and me. What’s great about GetResponse is that it’s not just great for email marketing, but that they have solved the web form issue.


Their new Form Builder is a one-stop shop for creating great-looking, customized web-up forms to attract subscribers and turbo-charge sales. This application is so easy, so creative, and so smart that you’ll be hooked the first time you use it. It’s completely visual, with drag ‘n drop editor, 500+ form designs and dynamic ‘thank you’ pages. You’ll love it.
I gave it a shot and it was the most profitable 10 minutes I’ve spent on my business in a while! My conversions went way up, and for a good reason: my web forms look great now.

If you can relate to anything I said above, I wholeheartedly recommend you try it, too!
Give it a try today and start increasing your sign-ups by tomorrow. You’ll be glad you did – it’s the best sign up tool ever for your business!

Ride the social media wave with the new GetResponse! Twitter, blog updates and more!

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