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Facebook Instant Articles

FaceBook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles is a newly launched feature by the social networking company, Facebook. It is in collaboration with news and content publishers.

This feature was kicked off on May 12, 2015, with partners like Woven Digital, BussFeed, The Newyork Times, National Geographic, The Atlantic NBC News, The Guardian, BBC News, Bild and Spiegel Online.

This article will help you to understand how Facebook instant article works and what you need to do before posting an article as a publisher.

What is it ?

If you are very conversant with the Facebook app, you realise no matter how well the website is optimised for mobile, you will always need to wait for the site to load. Instant articles have been able to solve this  problem by  allowing publishers to optimise their content for instant access and minimal wait time.

facebook instant articles

The Best Way to Prepare Facebook Instant Articles

First of all, you need to have a prep work, but it depends on the platform you want to use in publishing your content, the amount of content you want to post and your technical expertise.

These are few things that you will need to use before you can start this:

• A Facebook page,

• An RSS feed that displays the full content of your articles,

• Facebook instant articles markup on your blog or website,

• A minimum of 50 articles to submit to Facebook,

• Facebook business manager.

After you have been able to get the above-listed right, the next step is to check for Facebook instant articles for Beta publishers. Check out the publishers that are already using this program for better understanding. Also, check for what they offer so you can have a real insight whether you also want to have yours in the same format like they do or create your own style.

After going through all this research and you think that Facebook Instant Article is right for you, then sign up for more information. After sign up you will receive a link that connects you to the Facebook developer guide for Facebook Instant Articles and also the closed facebook group for media publishers.

Give consideration to PageFrog if you are the type that loves to use WordPress. Having followed all the steps above, publish your content on a self-hosted WordPress website, you can as well prepare your content with the PageFrog plugin.

It provides the added benefit of optimizing your content for Google accelerated mobile Pages which is very similar to the Facebook instant article, but it is only available for mobile users on Google.

However, if you are not WordPress freak. The platform in which you want to publish your content will determine the options you will use. Also if you are using a platform that allows installing extensions that are similar to WordPress plugins like Joomla or Drupal, you may have to wait to see if they will create extensions or support for Facebook Instant Articles

The last step you have to take in other to complete your journey of Facebook Instant Article procedure.

The last step you need to put into considerations is the Facebook mobile strategy, such that even if you don’t optimise your article for Facebook Instant Articles, publishers linked to your website might. This automatically means that more people will have access to click your site with high expectations of a superior mobile experience. However, if your site is currently not providing that kind of mobile service, you should be looking into ways to do so as soon as possible.


Based on the above brief explanation, you will realise that Facebook instant articles require a lot of preparations mostly for publishers or businesses that want their website optimised.

However, there is an answer ! Read this article Bolt Publisher

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