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Designrr Review

My Designrr Review – An Online Ebook CreatorDESIGNRR REVIEW

Hi, I’m going to give you my Designrr review, a nifty piece of software which has recently been launched. I have the product so I will be giving an honest opinion.

Product Name



At the time of writing this review, the price was offered at $27 for a limited time only.

Pricing after the limited offer will be  $27 STANDARD per month or $37 PRO and $97 agency

Introduction to Designrr

Designrr is a newly launched online software that enables the user to create an ebook straight off the page / post URL of the user’s website/blog.

Who Is It For ?

Designrr will be a great product for anybody that wants to make an ebook. In particular, it will be useful to internet marketers for the purposes of creating their own lead magnets. These lead magnets can now be made to match the niche of the marketer, straight off the pages of their own niche website,

Product Overview

Designrr is owned by Paul Clifford, the man behind PageOne Traffic and Keyword XP.

Its an online tool, Just login to the site and a very easy to follow video will pop up and take you through creating your first ebook,

Simply press new project and enter the URL of the website you want to use.

Next, choose from the list of templates

designrr review

Enter your project name save and away it goes.In seconds you will have an ebook stripped of all the original page distractions. I mean no menu, no sidebar ads and widgets no footer, just pure article content.Also, any links that you had in the original article will still be clickable.

Once the ebook is created you will be able to make changes to the ebook before publishing.

designrr review

There are  many tools within the editor. You can change the font, add images from a great library of images free of copyright,from Unsplash & Pixabay. You can add elements remove paragraphs change the background and much much more.With the standard plan, you can bring up to three URLs into one ebook. You also have the facility to use other content like MS Word and Evernote, enabling you more freedom to create original content.

Take a look at my video showing you round a few of the features.


The final product really is beautiful, well laid out, clutter free dream of an ebook.

So what do you get for your buck?

Standard plan. Comes with the features discussed and a limit of three blog posts per ebook.

Pro, Gives you extra templates, ebook covers, the ability to work with MS Word, monthly webinars and more.

Agency well this gives you resell rights for the Designrr cover designs. Also the ability to create templates from a project and additional user accounts.

So what are my final thoughts on this ?

I really like it. its super easy to use, the video guide takes you from zero to hero creator in minutes.

I think that the idea of being able to create your own lead magnets is going to be beneficial to many marketers looking to grow their email list.

There is also the possibility of earning a revenue from this  i.e creating lead magnets for clients, especially if you are using the manual import function that allows you to use other sources of content such as MS Word.

Would I use it for this purpose, yes if I was creating a lead magnet that would compliment a product I’m promoting, and give the subscriber something of value.

I think though I would prefer my readers to browse my website whilst they are there.

You can learn  more about generating traffic from my #1 recommended program in this article 


So that wraps up this little Designrr review. Please leave your comments below. Let me know what you make of it how you will use it in your marketing campaigns.




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