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Best social media automation software ?

What is the best social media automation software ?

As an affiliate marketer the chances are that you are going to be using social media as part of your promotional campaigns.

Effective social media marketing software will definitely help you build yourself a strong on line business presence.

Social media when used correctly can produce fantastic results,

You can gain exposure for your website, advertise your products, and interact with your present and potential customers but that’s not all.

Did you know that search engines use social signals from the likes of Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

These social signals are used by the search engines to help decide how your website ranks in searches.

Why Automate Your Social Media Marketing?

We have already covered autoresponder’s and how they can free up your time and create great customer interaction, well this social media marketing software can help you out even more,

Building your social presence within the social media platforms is going to take time, posting to each of your social media sites is going to take time. This is time taken that you are needing to write your articles and interact with your readers comments etc.

Suggested best practice for social media posting is two to three times a day. I like to rotate my posts and post in Facebook groups daily, to Twitter and Google + I prefer to post once a day.
I personally like to post between 6am-10am, then 12pm- 2pm, then 7pm-10pm

overloadNow then, as an affiliate marketer you are likely to have a few niche sites all wanting regular content written. It mounts up!! It can get frustrating and drain you of your get up and go. I know a lot of you guys just like me are even holding down a full time job on top of your marketing endeavours.

Relationships messed up! missed opportunities! shoddy articles! and big bags under your eyes are the price you have to pay right?

Nope !!

I use MassPlanner to Automate my social media posts and give me the time I need to concentrate on content creation, my social life and get my much need sleep.

What follows is my Review of Massplanner 2. I hope you find it useful.

My Massplanner 2 Review

What is it ?

Social media automation software



5 day free trial to try it out and see if it fits then :

Monthly $9.95  6 monthly $44.95 

Who is this product for ?

An entrepreneur finding him/herself struggling to keep up with all aspects of their business!!

Who is this product not for ?

A lazy so and so who just cant be bothered even though he/she has plenty of time on their hands.!!

Product Overview

Massplanner 2 will take your social media accounts and completely automate them for you leaving you time to attend to other important tasks.


Schedule all your social media posts.

You tell it what time you want to post and hit start and it does it on time every time. Up to five posts per day if you want.

Automatically share your posts on Facebook Groups and Google + communities.

Share your content in the groups and communities that are related to your chosen niche and that can help promote your on line presence.

You can post anywhere.

If you have an account, you can post to all your groups and pages associated with that account. It lets you post the same content to all your social accounts and at the same time.

Follow and Unfollow groups pages and communities.

Grow your Google+ Instagram,Twitter and Pinterest faster than ever before with Auto-Follow, Follow Back, Auto-Like, Auto-Retweet and many other automation tools. You can set the keywords to find the groups that match your niche and decide how long to wait to unfollow the groups that don’t follow you back.

Not just one of each social account.

You can add 4 accounts for each platform for the 6 months subscription or  2 accounts per platform social accounts for the monthly subscription. There is however an option to by module to increase these. ( I’ll talk modules in next couple of paragraphs)

One-time payment modules!

You can add modules to your plan such as

This will comment on your posts which means bringing them back to the top page increasing the time people see it. $15.00.

Extended Multi Account Module +8

This allows you to have ten accounts in each of the 6 platforms $15

There are 10 more available modules including Facebook Comments and Likes, Flickr & Pinterest Integration, Account Actions prices ranging from $5 to $70.

The $70 module is Unlimited Multi Account

This allows unlimited number of platform accounts.If you have already purchased modules this will be discounted btw.

The Good & the Bad

The Pros:

  • Its not expensive for what it gives you.
  • The customer service is awesome
  • It does exactly what it tells you it can do.
  • It works (My site visits have risen since using this product)

The Cons:

  • For this system to work your desktop / laptop has to be on all the time
  • I think maybe a couple of the modules could have been included in the monthly package.(instagram maybe and flickr)
  • My partner uses a Mac and to be able to use it I would have to set up a virtual windows VPS
  • Now this is not really a con but a heads up its easy to over post so check yourself.

Tools & Training

There is a step by step guide for every aspect of this product. Video tutorials also.

Johnny Plan has a series of video taking you from logging into Massplanner to creating campaigns and setting up your social profiles.

Here he gives a quick presentation its well worth a quick look


The customer service is great, I had issues with one of my email addresses and couldn’t access parts of my account. Ticket raised and sorted out in a couple of hours.

There is a great support group on Facebook where you can
Check the Mass Planner Facebook support group

My Final Opinion 

Ok used responsibly this is a product that will turn your on line marketing around. Just watch as your social media accounts grow in size and smile as your website gets more visits and you start to make more sales.
think_before_you_blogNote this though!( A little word of caution ) When you join groups read their guidelines,and hold back on the reigns a little. Post what is relevant content do not spam. Think what you are posting and you it will be viewed by others!!!

In  my opinion if you are in the market for the best social media automation software you wont drop short of a great product with Massplanner 2. Extra Modules aside, it does all I need for my social media marketing.


I highly recommend Massplanner 2 as the best social media automation software you can get !!

Try Mass Planner today 5 days for free

I hope this review has been of some use to you and would Welcome any comments below.

You can email me at and as always you can find me knocking around at Wealthy Affiliate

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