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Jaaxy is Probably the Best Keyword Search Tool for SEO

the best keyword search tool for SEO.


Jaaxy is probably the best keyword search tool for SEO.

Have you been struggling with Keyword tools not really understanding how they work? Have you been failing to choose the correct keywords or been choosing keywords that are either too competitive or have low search traffic? You need to define your target market and research exactly what the competition is beforehand. You need a keyword search tool for SEO that has the power to find you the following information.:

  • The number of searches there are for a particular keyword.
  • The amount of traffic you can expect to visit your site per month.
  • How many sites are trying to rank for these keywords?
  • The likelihood of you actually ranking on page 1 of the search engine.


So what can Jaaxy actually do to help you ?


1. This keyword search tool will tell you the average number of searches your keyword receives each month.

keyword search tool for SEO.


2. Assuming you reach page one Jaaxy tells you how many visits per month you can expect to receive.

keyword search tool for SEO.


3.  How many websites are ranking for the keyword (QSR)


keyword search tool for SEO.


4.  Jaaxy Keyword tool boasts a Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI)

This is a cool traffic light system. Green being the best, Yellow so so and Red steer clear.


keyword search tool for SEO.


5.  An awesome ranking system


keyword search tool for SEO.

This system takes is calculated using the traffic per month and your competition. The higher the score the more chance of your reaching page one status.


6.  Finding a domain

keyword search tool for SEO.


So you have your niche keyword and it ticks all the boxes in steps 1-5 cool. Well, Jaaxy actually lets you search for domain names to match your keyword and tells you if the domain is available.


7.  Find your site ranking for a particular keyword.

Jaaxy allows you to conduct a rank search for your posts,

Below are a few searches I made with Jaaxy for Keywords used by

keyword search tool for SEO.

Every page search you make is stored in this section so you can keep referring to it day after day to see any changes of your page’s ranking.


8. Jaaxy has Awesome Support and Training.

Lots of How to Videos and even more on the Wealthy Affiliate platform check this keyword search tool for SEO.




How Much Will it Cost You ?

With three options you have the choice depending on your budget.

You cannot upgrade though until you have signed up for the free program as the founders insist you try before you buy.keyword search tool for SEO.


All taken into account I would totally recommend The Jaaxy Keyword tool, I use it daily and I have seen first hand the sheer power of it.

Try it and you too will realise the potential it gives to anyone wanting to build a business online.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review try it

I’d love to hear what you think so please leave your comments below or reach me at Wealthy Affiliate and by the way, if you should join me I will follow straight away and you can personally hang out with me.  


All the Best and thanks for reading







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