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Benefits Of Social Media For Marketing

The Benefits Of Social Media For Marketing
benefits of social media for marketing

Before we talk about the benefits of social media for marketing, let’s talk about Social Media in general.

Social Media was initially considered a recreation pass time activity. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram YouTube and LinkedIn are some of the popular Social Media sites.  As time elapsed, these platforms became more popular, and their reach widened. For now, more than half the internet users seek the services offered by social media in one form or another.

Social Media’s intricate networking abilities, its broad reach, and its capacity to morph into different cultures, is amazing. Businesses have been keen to exploit its advantages. Small startups to large multinational conglomerates are scrambling for a piece of the social media marketing pie. A study indicated that social media’s contribution in marketing is enormous; scaling over 80%. Almost all markets use social media as a platform to sell their products and services.

No wonder; social media marketing programs offer enormous benefits to all sphere of businesses, and is touted as the latest revolution in marketing. Below are some of the benefits of social media for marketing

Increased brand recognition.benefits of social media for marketing

Presence in the Social Media is staggering. There are more than 500 million tweets on Twitter and close to five billion likes on Facebook every 24 hours. The massive visits and viewership are attracted to many issues therein. A brand presence in the social media is, therefore, noticeable.

Simply put, social media is your showcase window to the high street of potential clients.

Posting your brand on social media platforms will take you closer to your customers. For those clients who have used your products, the presence here will reiterate their confidence in your brand and create a strong loyalty base. The current consumers of your brand can also be your marketing teams. Through comments and reviews, they will get a trend which is attractive and further influence new crowds to gravitate towards your brands.

Brand recognition widens by the sharing of your brand contents. You can design materials earmarked for a particular group within a short time, through your brands’ social media portals.

Increased audience

benefits of social media for marketing

Social media can be used to target specific clientele, by applying the geo-targeting techniques. The method is used to send messages to a particular group of the followers located in a given region. Social media messages can be crafted to target the group and gain market access explicitly.

Social media can promote sales through ads. They have the ability to generate interest in leader clients – celebrities who have a massive following and can sway masses – to accepting your products and deliver them to the far-flung target group. The more discussion your blog elicit, the more interest it will create and subsequently the keener new customers are likely to jump on the bandwagon. Further, the ads can be tracked and submit real time results. These results are essential in increasing your brands’ visibility and expand your audience. The larger then audience, the more sale conversion you brand is likely to access.

You will spend less on the conventional marketing but gain so much out of social media cascading effects.

Improve customer experience

Social media can be used to promote customer experience. Reviews and comments made in the social media can be used to address drawback as well as exploit the opportunities available. Additionally, social media, bring a two-way communication channel, can reveal a lot about customer expectations and desires. Real-time monitoring provides up-to-date information on the customers’ experience before, during and after the visit to the brand’s website. By sorting their concerns, the customers provide more approval to your brand. As a result, lasting alliance is established between your products and customers.

Improved customer experience is rooted in the fact that more than two-thirds of customer opt to visit the social media to have their customer services issues addressed. Almost all expect your firm to be in the social media platform and providing around the clock support. For the companies who fulfill these conditions, sales are likely to be greater than those that do not.

Improved search engine optimizationbenefits of social media for marketing

Multiplying the website traffic could be the most significant gain of using the social media. Apart from channeling people to your website, social media can generate shares and likes, therefore, increasing your overall search rankings. The traffic into your site will keep growing with search being undertaken on your products and related ones. Additional profiles made in your site can attract new visitors. Quality contents have the knack of enticing high-value customers, who will also drag “follow” traffic with them into your site. The advantage of this is it increases your site ranking in the search engines, therefore, further directing larger inbound traffic. Improved traffic generation will attract advertisers who as a result will again attract new traffic.

Increased sales opportunities

Of Course one of the biggest benefits of social media for marketing, let’s talk about Social Media in general.Social media can be used to track customers dynamic preferences. At the same time, it can provide valuable information about your competitors’ strategies, opportunities as well as weaknesses. Currently, there are systems which can mimic certain keywords to reveal your rivals brand names and services. This data can be collected real-time. By analysis of the data, you can tell what the competition is lacking. This will assist you to enhance your offerings and come up with a formidable strategy to increase market share. By marshaling blog post, video, and even comments, you trigger some form of reaction from your eager loyal customer. By implementing a geo-targeting marketing plan, you can increase your sales opportunities exponentially.

By interacting with potential and existing clients, social media can connect you to your customers. The frequent interactions will enable you to resolve customer issues promptly. Studies indicate that firms engaging their audience through social media platforms have a higher sales generation than those who do not. Social media, therefore, has a potential of quickly generating sales from the leads to your site.

Can you think of more  benefits of social media for marketing ? If so why not pop a comment and we can discuss some.


Social media is a powerful media to ignore. In fact, your brand is dead without it.

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