Htim mainey, thank you for visiting my site. My name is Tim and I’m the founder of this blog.

Ok just a little about me then.

I left school with little to show education wise and worked as an apprentice mechanic.

I joined the Army following in my father’s footsteps in 1987 and left in 2001. I very much enjoyed my time serving in the forces and was fortunate enough to have seen much and experienced many cultures.

Since leaving the Army I  have had a couple of jobs including accident investigation and running a driver agency.

Most recently I worked as an HGV Driver and whilst this paid the bills it didn’t give me what I really wanted and I expect most of you also want. That was Financial Freedom.

I decided that the financial freedom would come from making a living online. I knew not a thing about this but decided that I would learn.

Now then Financial Freedom to me meant being able to pay my bills, be debt free, be able to spend time with family and loved ones, to travel the world to own a nice car and live in a nice home.

You notice that I have not said become a millionaire. Yes, that would be super cool but not necessary to achieve financial freedom. I have a blog about Financial freedom here.

At first, I was signing up to get rich quick schemes and buying every shiny object you can imagine in my quest to achieving financial freedom and FAILING.

After much try and fail attempts I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate and this changed my approach. I learned the basics from scratch which has led me to own this website.

This blog is about affiliate marketing and will consist of tips, advice and product reviews to enable the newbie affiliate marketer to succeed  online.

This blog will hopefully enlighten the new starters and guide them to success whilst avoiding falling prey to the many scams out there like I did.

I shall tell you straight now that anything you read or watch here has more or less just been learned myself so rest assured we will be going on a journey into the affiliate abyss together. Here is my chance to give back to others and share what works and what doesn’t work.

My philosophy is to learn new skills and pay it forward. My success will hopefully be your success.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate a site I would recommend to anyone starting out in Affiliate Marketing. The owners Kyle and Carson are really sincere in their efforts to make every member premium or not premium a success in online marketing.

I am hoping that you enjoy my blog and if you do please comment freely and share along with your friends.

You can drop me a comment below or reach me at Wealthy Affiliate here is my link


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