Introduction to Getpaid.Social

Get Paid Social

This is a great new online community that has recently launched which
will allow you to make money by performing various easy to do online tasks!

Guess what the best bit is ?…


You don’t have to spend a penny to join Getpaid,Social you can simply sign up with your email or Facebook account and follow a simple set up of a FB app and you are ready to start earning your rewards! Calmed
Ok give this a little thought …

What if you got paid a few cents to even a few dollars for doing simple
online tasks like…

Joining an email list
Liking a Facebook fan page
Sharing a Facebook post
Liking a Facebook post
Visiting a website
Providing feedback about a website or a video
Providing feedback about a logo
Answering a few short questions

(And more)

Well now you can!

Take a look at this quick video to see how Calmed
Lots of our members are existing online marketers and are willing to pay you and other members of our community to promote their existing business by completing simple little online tasks and it will cost you NOTHING to join the community and get paid!

Here’s the best part…

Not only will you get paid when you complete these tasks,
but you can ALSO get paid when OTHERS you invite into
the community complete these tasks AND if they create a task listing.

I think this concept is genius and I hope you take it seriously because
this is an incredible chance for ANYONE to make money, WITHOUT
having to recruit other people, sell a product or anything of the kind!

You can invite others if you want, to create a nice, passive income
for yourself and your family but it’s NOT required!

Right now, the community is fairly new and building the membership and gaining interest and as more join then the tasks will increase and your earning potential with it.

Some are making real money already with this some greater than $4000 dollars in a couple of months.

Join for free and see the stats for yourself.

So go here right now: Calmed
Simply enter your email on that page to be kept in the loop
and receive updates from the company during pre-launch
as well as to be notified when the system is LIVE!

I’m so excited about this and hope you are too!

Have a great day,


Submit an Article ?

Why Submit an Article to an Article Directory ?

Allowing others to use your articles ( which will of course have links to your site which will tell visitors who wrote it and how they are able to contact you) on their site.

This can assist to promote your very own website and bring you in traffic through the search engine optimization and promotional efforts of others.

For your needs this means absolutely free marketing simply for writing a quick article about a topic that you are already acquainted with.

Before you write your article be sure to do your keyword research as you want your article to be found by potential users.

You could write the article as a shortened version of a larger article. This will is rather like doing a guest blog. Write enough to give your users readers enough to be entertained but also little enough to want to come to your site for more.

The more people who use your article as content on their site, then the more traffic you are likely to receive. These marketers/ bloggers will likely be using SEO , banner exchanges, and even a Pay-Per-Click campaigns to attract people to their site. These are advertising methods that either take considerable time or a ton of cash and they will be for free for you personally just because you placed your articles where others could use them.

There are numerous places on the web that offer to publish your article in order for others may view and/or make use of it.

My advice would be to place your write-ups on every single one of these sites to be able to reach as many marketers/ bloggers as you are able to.

I personally use Ezine@rticles.

Tim P Thompson, EzineArticles Basic Author

Thanks for reading Tim

If you want more information about this Article contact me below.



10 Best Sites For Free Images

202HWhat Are The 10 Best Sites For Free Images And Why Are Images Important To Your Website ?

People get bored really quick. Your content could be awesome but you need to keep your readers on your page. People are are by nature visual creatures so by providing great images is feeding their natural requirements. The correct use of pictures too can help you convey your message .

Remember the saying “A Picture Can Paint A Thousand Words ? Use this to your advantage.

Where Can You Get Images Without Breaking The Bank ?

Free stock photos are extremely difficult to find, but they are the ones you should be looking for to save yourself a little money.

The vast majority of stock photo market on line are owned by business looking to make a profit from these images. you can pay anything up £30 for some images. If you add this up per post at three posts a week you can see that posting articles on your site can become quite and expensive venture.

Terms To Search For

Creative Commons zero means that you can use the photos  in any way you’d like, without asking permission.

Creative Commons with attribution means that you can use the photo in any way you want, as long as you credit the creator of the photo.

Labelled for reuse

Labelled for reuse with modification

HOLOWHere Are 10 Great Sites For Free Images.

1. Pixabay  pixabay.

2. Freeimages .freeimages.

3. New Old Stock nos.twnsnd. This is a particular favorite of mine with some gems.

4. Picography Picography The simplest site with a gallery of random shots.

5. Public Domain Archive. Public Domain Archive For uber modern scenes.

6. Little Visuals.  littlevisuals Sign up to get 7 hi-res images zipped up in your inbox.

2227. Gratisography. Gratisography Hard to believe these pics are free.

8. Picjumbo. Free pics here and also a premium membership.

9. Unsplash.  10 Free high-resolution photos.You have to subscribe.

10. Google Images.  Just type in your search and add free to use !!



So there you have it my 10 best sites for free Images

I hope you find all the images you need, Just be careful that you are not breaking any copyright laws.

Be using the sites above you will have great free images without the sorry of infringement.

Thanks for reading














Best social media automation software ?

What is the best social media automation software ?

As an affiliate marketer the chances are that you are going to be using social media as part of your promotional campaigns.

Effective social media marketing software will definitely help you build yourself a strong on line business presence.

Social media when used correctly can produce fantastic results,

You can gain exposure for your website, advertise your products, and interact with your present and potential customers but that’s not all.

Did you know that search engines use social signals from the likes of Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

These social signals are used by the search engines to help decide how your website ranks in searches.

Why Automate Your Social Media Marketing?

We have already covered autoresponder’s and how they can free up your time and create great customer interaction, well this social media marketing software can help you out even more,

Building your social presence within the social media platforms is going to take time, posting to each of your social media sites is going to take time. This is time taken that you are needing to write your articles and interact with your readers comments etc.

Suggested best practice for social media posting is two to three times a day. I like to rotate my posts and post in Facebook groups daily, to Twitter and Google + I prefer to post once a day.
I personally like to post between 6am-10am, then 12pm- 2pm, then 7pm-10pm

overloadNow then, as an affiliate marketer you are likely to have a few niche sites all wanting regular content written. It mounts up!! It can get frustrating and drain you of your get up and go. I know a lot of you guys just like me are even holding down a full time job on top of your marketing endeavours.

Relationships messed up! missed opportunities! shoddy articles! and big bags under your eyes are the price you have to pay right?

Nope !!

I use MassPlanner to Automate my social media posts and give me the time I need to concentrate on content creation, my social life and get my much need sleep.

What follows is my Review of Massplanner 2. I hope you find it useful.

My Massplanner 2 Review

What is it ?

Social media automation software



5 day free trial to try it out and see if it fits then :

Monthly $9.95  6 monthly $44.95 

Who is this product for ?

An entrepreneur finding him/herself struggling to keep up with all aspects of their business!!

Who is this product not for ?

A lazy so and so who just cant be bothered even though he/she has plenty of time on their hands.!!

Product Overview

Massplanner 2 will take your social media accounts and completely automate them for you leaving you time to attend to other important tasks.


Schedule all your social media posts.

You tell it what time you want to post and hit start and it does it on time every time. Up to five posts per day if you want.

Automatically share your posts on Facebook Groups and Google + communities.

Share your content in the groups and communities that are related to your chosen niche and that can help promote your on line presence.

You can post anywhere.

If you have an account, you can post to all your groups and pages associated with that account. It lets you post the same content to all your social accounts and at the same time.

Follow and Unfollow groups pages and communities.

Grow your Google+ Instagram,Twitter and Pinterest faster than ever before with Auto-Follow, Follow Back, Auto-Like, Auto-Retweet and many other automation tools. You can set the keywords to find the groups that match your niche and decide how long to wait to unfollow the groups that don’t follow you back.

Not just one of each social account.

You can add 4 accounts for each platform for the 6 months subscription or  2 accounts per platform social accounts for the monthly subscription. There is however an option to by module to increase these. ( I’ll talk modules in next couple of paragraphs)

One-time payment modules!

You can add modules to your plan such as

This will comment on your posts which means bringing them back to the top page increasing the time people see it. $15.00.

Extended Multi Account Module +8

This allows you to have ten accounts in each of the 6 platforms $15

There are 10 more available modules including Facebook Comments and Likes, Flickr & Pinterest Integration, Account Actions prices ranging from $5 to $70.

The $70 module is Unlimited Multi Account

This allows unlimited number of platform accounts.If you have already purchased modules this will be discounted btw.

The Good & the Bad

The Pros:

  • Its not expensive for what it gives you.
  • The customer service is awesome
  • It does exactly what it tells you it can do.
  • It works (My site visits have risen since using this product)

The Cons:

  • For this system to work your desktop / laptop has to be on all the time
  • I think maybe a couple of the modules could have been included in the monthly package.(instagram maybe and flickr)
  • My partner uses a Mac and to be able to use it I would have to set up a virtual windows VPS
  • Now this is not really a con but a heads up its easy to over post so check yourself.

Tools & Training

There is a step by step guide for every aspect of this product. Video tutorials also.

Johnny Plan has a series of video taking you from logging into Massplanner to creating campaigns and setting up your social profiles.

Here he gives a quick presentation its well worth a quick look


The customer service is great, I had issues with one of my email addresses and couldn’t access parts of my account. Ticket raised and sorted out in a couple of hours.

There is a great support group on Facebook where you can
Check the Mass Planner Facebook support group

My Final Opinion 

Ok used responsibly this is a product that will turn your on line marketing around. Just watch as your social media accounts grow in size and smile as your website gets more visits and you start to make more sales.
think_before_you_blogNote this though!( A little word of caution ) When you join groups read their guidelines,and hold back on the reigns a little. Post what is relevant content do not spam. Think what you are posting and you it will be viewed by others!!!

In  my opinion if you are in the market for the best social media automation software you wont drop short of a great product with Massplanner 2. Extra Modules aside, it does all I need for my social media marketing.


I highly recommend Massplanner 2 as the best social media automation software you can get !!

Try Mass Planner today 5 days for free

I hope this review has been of some use to you and would Welcome any comments below.

You can email me at and as always you can find me knocking around at Wealthy Affiliate

GetResponse add Web Form Improvements

GetResponse add Web Form Improvements

get response form builder 1

GetResponse are planning new improved web forms this summer to enhance an already superb product.

They are planning these improvements :

• 500+ form templates to match your site goals

At the moment they only have 225

• Exit pop-ups, scroll boxes, and more – at no extra cost

This will be perfect ! 

When thinking about maximizing your traffic sign ups, an exit popup is a great way to start

• Web form categories and formats suited to your needs.

Easier to create your web form to suit the theme of your website.

• Advanced Web Form Wizard.

Let the wizard take the hassle out of your hands and create an awesome form for you. 

• Colour Schemes to match your website colours.

Fabulous update ensuring your website looks the business.

• Plain HTML editor

This will bring them into line with Aweber giving you design freedom and will be another welcome addition.



Why is a sign up form important ?

I needed a better web form… which is why I searched and stumbled upon the all-new GetResponse Form Builder

If you don’t know GetResponse, it’s one of the largest, fully-fledged email marketing services for small businesses, like you and me. What’s great about GetResponse is that it’s not just great for email marketing, but that they have solved the web form issue.


Their new Form Builder is a one-stop shop for creating great-looking, customized web-up forms to attract subscribers and turbo-charge sales. This application is so easy, so creative, and so smart that you’ll be hooked the first time you use it. It’s completely visual, with drag ‘n drop editor, 500+ form designs and dynamic ‘thank you’ pages. You’ll love it.
I gave it a shot and it was the most profitable 10 minutes I’ve spent on my business in a while! My conversions went way up, and for a good reason: my web forms look great now.

If you can relate to anything I said above, I wholeheartedly recommend you try it, too!
Give it a try today and start increasing your sign-ups by tomorrow. You’ll be glad you did – it’s the best sign up tool ever for your business!

Ride the social media wave with the new GetResponse! Twitter, blog updates and more!

Thanks for reading and please leave your comments below



The GetResponse Email Autoresponder

What is an Autoresponder ?

An auto responder is a lead capturing system that will send emails to the people who sign up to your website or campaign

The emails can be set up to go out at predetermined intervals of your choice.For example as soon as a reader signs up to your blog the autoresponder will immediately send a welcome and thank you email automatically, you could then set it up to send an offer you wanted to promote to then a couple of days later, then a follow up on the offer or newsletter the uses are boundless.

It is said that it requires about 7 contacts before to eventually convince a reader to return to your site so if you dont set up some sort of way to send these emails on autopilot you are going to lose a lot of valuable time.All you need to do is have your emails set up and wait for the reader to opt in , once that opt in has occured you will have regular contact with striking a key.

An auto responder takes care of this, enabling you to capture leads and keep in touch with them.

Always search for a service that delivers you with unlimited Auto responders for an inclusive fee. This takes any growth in your business there are lots on the market and reasonably priced. I use Getresponse myself and am going to now introduce you to it.



Get response have various price plans

  • 1,000subscribers      $15per month$12.30 with annual discount
  • 2,500subscribers      $25per month$20.50 with annual discount
  • 5,000subscribers      $45per month$36.90 with annual discount
  • 10,000subscribers    $65per month$53.30 with annual discount

There are more but for the purposes of starting out building your subscriber list this should suffice.

They also offer a 30 day no credit card trial.


GetResponse is a complete email marketing solution. It provides turnkey newsletter publishing and hosting features, as well as unlimited follow-up autoresponders to deliver information to your subscribers and convert them to paying customers.


List Builder Program

The course covers everything you need in order to grow a list by up to 10,000 subscribers in as little as 90 days. The best part is that the program is available free to GetResponse customers, even free-trial accounts that have less than 10,000 subscribers.



Any body with an online business/blog that wants to maintain traffic to it.

Anybody that wants to deliver the best content, in the best possible order and frequency, to every new reader who finds you.

GetResponse prides itself on the highest possible email deliverability to ensure that your messages get through to your prospective customers.


  •  FREE version available
  • Unlimited autoresponders
  • Powerful, automatic message personalization
  • Smart tracking features
  • Built-in anti-spam filters
  • Catches lost sales and jolts your leads into profitable action
  • Boosts your lead generation and business-building results
  • No tedious and repetitious email marketing tasks
  • List builder program
  • web form and landing page creator.





  • Its easy to use and beginner friendly, with step by step instructions.
  • Very affordable with a credit card free 30 day trial
  • Great customer support.
  • Web form creator and landing page creator you can create opt-in forms and landing pages in no time and start tracking them immediately.
  • Web form use on Facebook page using their Facebook app.


  •  GetResponse does not issue a refund if you change your mind about their services, or if you violate their terms of use.

Bottom Line

Thanks to GetResponse’s easy integration, I can instantly publish blog updates and links to my latest broadcast on Twitter, And I recently added a sign-up form to my FaceBook profile. Getting in the middle of the social media buzz is a snap with GetResponse!

Do I recommend this product ? Yes !! If you’re looking for Affordable, Media-Rich Email Marketing Solutions, I strongly recommend GetResponse!


Please leave your comments below

You can contact me at  or find me at my wealthy affiliate profile

Thanks For Reading






Avoidable Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Avoid common affiliate marketing mistake’s

Affiliate marketing is not as easy as some folk make out.

If you go at it like a bull in a china shop with no direction or discipline you will fail.

I am guilty of spending money on products like article spinners, using duplicate content and stuffing pages full of affiliate links and guess what I made ? Not a penny.

Now I do it the Right way, The way I have been taught by people who know what they are talking about.

The following paragraphs will show you some avoidable affiliate marketing mistake’s you are likely to make and how to avoid them.

buy_it_now1.  Trying far too hard to sell a product.

Affiliate marketers are not there to sell products or services, they instead should link the reader to them.

When you initially start affiliate marketing you are going to be tempted to just throw as many banners on your site with buy now get it here.

You end up with a website full of links that totally put off the reader. People come to your site because they want information.They expect to learn from you as an expert in the niche your site is about.

When you write about a product that you intend to promote think about it first.

Write a review. compare the product to another on the market, be honest and let the reader take away valuable information that they can consider and hopefully with an intent to return to your site again and again.

Its a trust thing.

If the reader trusts your opinions then they are more likely to click on a subtle link and purchase the product you are writing about.

testing_the_waters2.  Not knowing the vendor before you promote a Product.

So you want to sell promote a product to your reader, You go to your chosen affiliate program and choose you product and just post the link on your site within your article.

Your reader is interested and follows your link, opts in and before they know it their inbox is exploding with high pressure sales.

Put yourself in the position of the reader, Would you like to be inundated with emails ?

My advice would be to first test the water of the sales funnel of your promoted product and decide then if its one that will retain your credibility!!

3  .  Too much too soon.

Take your time, don’t go joining every affiliate program that comes along.

There are many programs  to choose from and each with its own pros and cons.

Research the programs and just join two to start with, that way you will be able to manage your promotions easier and not get overwhelmed.

dont_keep_all_your_eggs_in_one_basket4  .  Keeping all your eggs in one basket.

When you are writing a review about a product you are promoting, if you only have the link to that one product then you are limiting yourself.

If the reader does not find the product appealing then they are surely not going to follow the link and buy.

Now with that said why don’t you write your review and compare it to two similar products. Also have your affiliate links to the other two.

Your reader has most likely already got some idea of the products available and that is why they are reading your article in the first place, Buy giving the reader a comparison review you are also tripling your chances of a commission.

Snake_oil5.  Don’t keep buying products that offer instant results

If you do it right you will succeed in making money on line but it will take time and much effort.

If you get an email offering the latest secret never before revealed system that will make you money whilst you sleep. DO NOT BOTHER !!  Believe me you will only be out of pocket and the only person benefiting is the person offering the scam.

Find yourself a good  affiliate training program that will teach you the systems. By following a system and sticking with it until you have it mastered you will have much more chance of success,

Jumping from one system to another in the early stages of your affiliate training without getting a good grasp of each only slow down your progress.

link_tracker6.  Not tracking your affiliate links

When your make a commission it is important to know where that commission came from. I do not mean from which vendor you received the payment from which page , post, advert or social media site the initial lead came from.

Most affiliate programs allow you to have tracking links that you can use for each of your campaigns.

With the information you gain from analysing your tracking data you should be able to focus on the areas of your campaigns are working and spend less time on the bad performing campaigns thus saving you time and money.

7.  Not understanding Search Engine Optimisation.

Just publishing a page or post with a couple of links is a sure fire way to fail.

Keyword research is vital to be able to rank with the search engines. You must optimize your titles, URL and descriptions. Give your readers unique useful and quality content whilst not overloading your content with keywords making it look spammy.

Make sure you register your site with the Search engines too and provide them with sitemaps.

Write content regularly and do not use too many affiliate links.

fed_up8.  Fed up not seeing results.

This I think is probably the biggest downfall of the newbie affiliate marketer.

Ok the overall goal of your affiliate marketing business is to make money, but you have to build the foundations of your business before this can happen.

Set yourself realistic goals and gradually move forward towards them,

As each goal is achieved you will also see that your business is growing. Try not to concentrate on the money and concentrate on quality information for your reader. Build trust and eventually the money will come.

Keep motivated stay active and eventually you will succeed.



There you have 8 reasons that you are likely to fail as an affiliate marketer, and 8 ways to avoid failure.

Remember Rome was not built in a day, take your time, learn the required skills be cautious where you spend your money, take advice from a decent Affiliate marketing training program and most of all stay motivated and enjoy your business.

If you are looking for a great affiliate marketing learning program I recommend you have a look at my Wealthy Affiliate review


I hope you enjoyed this article and would love to read your comments below.

You can also email me  or catch me at on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile page



10 Tips how to overcome Writer’s Block ?

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationSo here we are with a website and the foundations set in place and we have written a few pages of content.You know that you have to be consistent and keep adding to your site so it can evolve into an authority site.

You have your ideas you know what to write about but you sit at your laptop and nothing!!

Writer’s Block !!

So now what?


You need inspiration and I’m going to tell you some tips I use when I’m drawing a blank.


1.    Set up Google Alerts.

google_alerts_001You will need a  Google account ( if you have not got one its simple to set up here )

Next go to here you can set up loads of alerts for content relevant to your chosen niche. To the left is an example of my Google alerts that I use for this

Be as specific as you can with your alerts and you should find plenty of up to date ideas for your articles.




2.  Follow Blogs

follow my blogAs an author to a website it is always a good idea to follow blog’s  in the same niche as yours.

These often bring you great ideas.

Now then I’m not saying blatantly copy what the blogger is writing about but maybe you could elaborate on their articles.

Add your own perspective to it.



3.  Watch Video

watch videoI like to watch YouTube and I subscribe to a great many Channels related to my Niche. Search your idea and just watch and listen.Give yourself half hour or so and watch a few videos by different publishers. Use a notebook to jot down items of particular interest. I also find the the comments on YouTube are valuable as a source of ideas. Look for the negative comments, and smarty pants questions and try to think of ways you can answer them in an article. Even better refer to a YouTube video that you have opposing views to in an article and try too justify your disapproval. Don’t be pedantic though you wont do yourself any favours.



4. Don’t be afraid of writing what you think.

thinking-152218_640Your mental block might actually be fear of failure or not delivering!

Often times I find I’m searching for ideas on what I think I want the reader to hear.

Don’t !!

Be unique!

Just by writing my thoughts and my opinions will actually engage the reader.

I would rather have a reader come to my comments section and disagree with me than not comment at all. Engagement with your reader is what it is all about.



5. Title to an image

monkey on laptopThis might sound a little backwards, but instead of finding an image to fit your article, do a Google image search (or whatever platform you prefer to find your images) on your chosen niche.

When you find the image try to write around the image.

Here is an example of an image I found and used in campaign


What post title could you use for the above image ?  Please leave your answers in the comment box !!



6.  Post Titles.

whats_in_a_titleThe previous tip brings me to this one.

I have often come up with what i think is a post title and end up writing about something totally unrelated to the title. In fact this post title started out as …

“What Experience do you need to write a good article ?”

Don’t get hung up on keeping to the original idea it will just magnify your block.

Let your writing go the way it goes, more often or not you will end up with a much better article. Do however come back to the original idea at a later time after having made a note of it.



7.  Keep notes.

notesI know its not the most natural thing to keep a notebook to hand unless your Dixon of Dock Green, but we all have mobiles which are usually tethered to us. Use the voice notes and keep your ideas until you need them.







8.  Seek advice from a Mentor.

pay it forwardI am lucky enough to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate.


Do not be afraid of asking for help, Not everybody has the same skill set, not everybody has all the answers, but everyone can work together towards a common goal of Success !!




9.  Look through the comments on your posts.



I know from experience that some answers to questions I have had in the comments section of my posts have been easily the length of a short article.

Keep this in mind when answering your questions, maybe the answer could be published as a post.

Remember though if you are going to do this to mention the name of the question maker.




10.  Free write.


Just start writing.

Write about absolutely anything. Don’t think about it just sit down with a pen or a keypad and let it flow man…

Just the act of writing your thoughts more often or not will release you from your mental block. Most likely you are going to write just a load of meaningless junk but you might just get lucky!!

I mean this article started out as me free writing as I had nothing to say and it turns out that I have pretty much written a pile of rubbish.



Guess what ?  I’m going to publish it anyway :)  



I’d love to here what you think so please leave your comments below or reach me at Wealthy Affiliate and by the way, if you should join through me I will follow straight away and you can personally hangout with me.


All the Best and thanks for reading
















What is the Jaaxy keyword tool ?


My Honest Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review


Product Name: Jaaxy

Price: Starter $0 for 30 free searches,

Pro $19/per month,

Enterprise $49/per month



The answer to making money on the internet is to provide people on your site with information they are looking for.

If you can attract your visitors as quickly as possible to a  website that is targeted at their needs, you cannot fail to generate income.

One of the greatest mistakes people make once they begin internet marketing is the fact that they see a certain strong Keyword or Market that has a large amount of people who are searching for it.

They then genuinely believe that this will be the market that is best for them to target and will also be profitable.

However, this is exactly what a great majority of fellow marketers are also thinking .

The result of this is hordes of marketers competing for the  exact same ‘Keyword’ and niche markets.

This inevitably leads to the market becoming saturated and highly competitive and leaves your website struggling to rank high in the various search engines.

You need to define your target market and research exactly what the competition is beforehand.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool is designed to do just that.



What is the Jaaxy keyword tool ?

Jaaxy is a keyword tool that allows you to find profitable and high ranking niche keywords.

It lets you know how many searches a keyword gets per month as well as how much traffic you can expect

It also gives the competition for the keywords (How many sites are ranking for the keyword), as well as your chances ranking on the top pages of Google and other search engines.

Founded by Kyle and Carson also the founders of Wealthy Affiliate this keyword tool will blow your mind.


So what can Jaaxy actually do to help you ?


1. Jaaxy will tell you the average number of searches your keyword receives each month.

average number of searches

2. Assuming you reach page one Jaaxy tells you how many visits per month you can expect to receive.

visits to your website


3.  How many websites are ranking for the keyword (QSR)

competing websites



4.  Jaaxy boasts a Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI)

keyword quality indicator

This is based on the traffic light system Green being the best, Yellow so so and Red steer clear.


5.  A ranking system

likelyhood of ranking


This system takes is calculated using the traffic per month and your competition. The higher the score the more chance of your reaching page one status.


6.  Finding a domain

finding a domain

So you have your niche keyword and it ticks all the boxes in steps 1-5 cool. Well Jaaxy actually lets you search for domain names to match your keyword and tells you if the domain is available.


7.  Find your site ranking for a particular keyword.

Below are two searches I made with Jaaxy for Keywords used by

the site rank for keyword

Every page search you make is stored within this section so you can keep referring to it day after day to see any changes of your page’s ranking.


8.  Jaaxy has a great Affiliate Program

When you refer someone to Jaaxy and they create a free account, you locked in as their referrer . If they upgrade to premium paying for the full priced tool, you earn $8 per/mth in affiliate commissions.

It doesn’t stop there though , for every free sign up to Jaaxy you will earn yourself 10 extra searches, meaning you can assuming plenty of people sign under your affiliate link have pretty much unlimited search power albeit minus some of the premium features.



Jaaxy is without doubt an awesomely powerful tool that will have you ranking with ease for your keywords.

With three options you have the choice depending on your budget.

You cannot upgrade though until you have signed up for the free program as the founders insist you try before you buy.


All taken into account I would totally recommend this product, I use it daily and I have seen first hand the sheer power of it.

Try it and you too will realise the potential it gives to anyone wanting to build a business on line.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review try it

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